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Where experience is mentioned, experience is contained. All trainings and workshops are based on our personal and professional experiences. None of this is purely theoretical, but everything we convey and in everything in which we accompany YOU, we have experienced and lived through. Therefore we can assist YOU with understanding and support, so that your knowledge can be put into practice and not remain a theory!

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Private Corporate Training


Enable your employees a meeting, event and/or congress management training, which is tailored exclusively to the needs of your company. 

Duration 2-3 days


Live Trainings

Perfectionize your meeting, event and/or congress management skills, when having to manage these in addition to your daily job. 

Duration 2 days





If a change in life is really desired, then your willpower will become bigger than your fear. Learn to recognize whos life you are living. 

Duration 2 days


Ladies only


We are more powerful when we empower each other. Amongst women we will reveal our true feelings and learn to reunite our hearts with our heads to define our goals. 

Duration 3 days 



Only if you go your own way, nobody can overtake you! Learn to prioritize yourself and to listening to your heart to define your goal(s). 

Duration 3 days


Tanja Tobler

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Until the age of 28,  I had not lived in any country for more than 3-5 years. I experienced diverse cultures, religions, traditions and had the privilege of learning 5 languages. But where was home? People kept asking me, but it was a question I never fully understood until I came to Switzerland. After 9 years of working in diverse leadership and management positions across the European hotel industry, I decided to move back to Switzerland – this magical place I had fallen in love with. I sold most of my belongings, only kept what fit into my little car and drove down south. Without a  job, no roof over my head and no idea what would happen. The only thing I knew, was that my gut feeling told me that everything would be just fine. That same day I got a job as a waitress, rented a one bedroom apartment and got my life sorted. Six months later I was working as an Executive Assistant to VP&GM in a multibillion American Pharmaceutical company. Since then my career progressed at a fast pace and in the meantime I became a proud mother, happy wife, and have founded my second company, which will hopefully be just as successful as the first. Life has not always been easy and no matter how many challenges I face, how little time I have for myself or how impossible things sometimes might seem – I believe in myself! I love my life, my family, my job and wouldn't want anything to be different. Life is beautiful and I am grateful being able to live it! 

Verena Schwille


Growing up in the countryside, but prepared for the big wide world, I started my career at the age of 20yrs as a marketing assistant at the European headquarters of an American company in Zurich. That is also where I met Tanja, as we were colleagues working in the same division. At the beginning I had no idea about event management – in fact, I had no idea about adult life in general. But I instantly noticed, that I enjoy this versatile work and I wanted to be great at it. Over the years I have learned how essential preparation, passionate execution and post production is, as all is crucial to then be able to speak of an successful event. What I like best about the job is that no event is like the other, each event develops its own dynamic, the possibility of incorporating creative ideas, the cooperation with different service providers and the measurable results. Later, I was able to develop my career as a Marcomm Specialist and took care of the divisional marketing communication. The work in the marketing and event area challenged me, shaped me and filled me with joy. And I think this point is a philosophy of life that I always try to pursue: "You should do the things in life that fulfil you". Therefore I was delighted when Tanja offered me a job in her company and that after my maternity leave, I was able to do what I do best and what I enjoy doing.

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