Corporate Health Education

The most important resource of every company is its employees. If these are physically and mentally healthy, every goal can be achieved and every crisis can be overcome. The most important resource of us humans is our health! However, there is often a lack of concrete concepts and even more of a sustainable implementation to maintain and improve health.


Put together an individual health day for your employees, in order to gain the maximum knowledge and applicability for all participants in a live event. Each of our offers have the following goal for you and your employees: Imparting this complex understanding in a practical, usable and sustainable manner, so that each participant can independently take care of their most important resources: their health!

 Combine the content of your corporate health day

Lectures of each 90 minutes


Which Income for productive Outcome?


Workshops of each 4 hours

Strong back        

Performance increase through upright posture, stability and agility


Mental power nap for fresh focus


Focus thanks to meditation and attentiveness          

Efficiency is potential minus disruptive factors


Body posture for more power and charisma


Natural nutrition       

Life supplement without side effects


What does martial arts teach us?

More resilience and attentiveness


Self-defence on the road

A safe commute to work



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