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Strong back        

Performance increase through upright posture, stability and agility

Do you know a person in your surrounding who does not complain about back or neck pain? Why is it that these complaints top our society's "hit list" on the subject of diseases? The answers to these questions and, more importantly, the solution to these vices can be found in this workshop. Find out how you ensure to train a strong core with simple exercises, change habits and walk more upright through life.



  • Simple and effective strengthening exercises for a stable body center

  • Not many, but the effective stretching exercises for the goal of an upright posture

  • Clear clarification and explanation of what defines our attitude and how we change it according to our goal

  • Everyday exercises without devices that can be carried out anywhere at anytime

  • Practical tips for sustainable implementation in your daily life


Focus thanks to meditation and attentiveness          

Efficiency is potential minus disruptive factors


What is meditation and how do you use this millennia-old ability to find more peace, serenity and energy in your life?

In this convenient course you will learn the power and impact that not only top managers use for better performance, but which mainly brings us more peace in a hectic world full of constant changes.


  • What causes stress and how we can reduce it noticeably

  • Everyday meditations easy to learn for everyone

  • Scientific facts for a better understanding of how meditation works

  • Practical use in daily life regardless of time and place

  • More calm and serenity for better focus and a high energy level


Natural nutrition

Life supplements without side effects

Surely you already know a lot about nutrition and maybe have already applied or experimented with this knowledge. What prevents over 90% of people from consistently and sustainably implementing this knowledge is often the complexity of many models or the feeling that they have give up on certain things.

Would you like a simple and everyday concept that focuses on health, energy and joy at the same time? Then this course is just right for you!


  • Easy implementation of the topic that keeps us alive!

  • No need to count calories or study ecotrophology: simplicity and success

  • Bring complex connections to the results that you can use in everyday life

  • Applicable for pupils as well as for "desk workers" or frequent travelers

  • Find out what nutrition really means without having to refuse


Self-defence in street situations          

A safe commute to work


We are constantly reading in the press about situations that none of us want to get into. Many people are always accompanied by the worry and fear of becoming the victim of an attack. In this workshop you will not only learn effective techniques that can be used against supposedly stronger opponents, but also specific behaviors to prevent dangerous situations or being attacked.


  • Simple techniques can be learned by everyone, regardless of gender or age

  • Effectiveness without a show effect! Here you learn techniques that really work in critical situations

  • Many different everyday examples for a better understanding of "self-defense on the street"

  • You learn techniques that can basically be used against supposedly stronger opponents

  • A lot of knowledge about prevention, being prepared, mindset and why these factors are more important than any technique


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