Who’s behavior is superficial, what character is hypocritical, which words are truthful and when is time sincerely dedicated? How many times a day the question: "Hey, how are you" is asked and a positive answer expected and given? Fact is, the human is seldomly truly honest regarding  thoughts and feelings. So we rather say everything’s fine - after all it is much easier. And if we keep telling yourself the same thing over and over again, we will eventually start believing it. In the course of time, this is how we forgot to listen to ourselves, feel ourselves and fulfil our personal desires. We now mainly function and accept things as they are. And that’s natural, because how are we supposed to find our way back to the roots after so many years in a hamster wheel? Man is a creature of habits who, in today's fast paced world, has forgotten how to devote himself to himself. This workshop is meant for you if you strive to determine your own future path and get the most out of your biography. After all, we only have this one life!

Ladies only - Selbstfindung DEUTSCH
Schloss Hünigen, Bern


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