Where do these clever saying come from: «Rome was not built in a day», or «good things come to those who wait»? They can be referred to material things or personal matters. You have come this far; You realized you need to change something in your life, and you are determined to do so. You even defined your goals and desperately want to get going, but you simply don’t know how to. How do you get to Rome and what to start the journey with? Your head is clear, but your heart feels desultory. That’s the feeling when the mind and heart have not yet connected. And for them to unite, you need to work out your way and internalize it. Four eventful days with diverse intense exercises, accompanied by meditational elements, which will lead you to take undoubtful action. As discipline is nothing more than a true heart's desire!

Upcoming events

05.2021,  4 days, Language German, South Tyrol, Italy,
CHF 7950.00, Registration deadline: 01.03.2021
09.2021,  4 days, Language English, South Tyrol, Italy,
CHF 7950.00, Registration deadline: 14.06.2021

To ensure that you register yourself for the right workshops, our free and non-binding consultation is required. Please only fill out the contact form if you are really willing to invest in your future happiness and we will call you accordingly. Upon our conversation you will receive a link that enables you to book the workshop online.



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